Daily Routine

Dinacharya - Daily Routine: A Simple DIY


1) Pranam to the Great Spirit within and in Source

2) Put on the hot water

3) Clean all orifices, mouth, nose, eyes:

Scrape tongue with our Copper Scraper,

Brush teeth

Sinus Clarity Nasya Oil (if desired, can do Neti first, then Nasya 15-30 minutes after)

Clear eyes with warm water (simply wipe each eye gently with water)

4) Drink a cup of warm water plain or with lemon

5) Prepare for Abhyanga with Sarada's Traditional Herbally Rich Oils

6) Receive the Nourishment and Balance of Abhyanga

7) Put on Sarada Face Wash, Radiant Facial or Clarifying Masque

8) Take a warm shower to assist the herbs in the oil to go deeper into your system
and Replenish

9) Use Sarada's Vetivert Scrub to gently exfoliate the body and Refresh.
Use gentle soap in only needed areas

10) Wash Hair, then rinse off facial masque

11) Pat dry

12) Apply Sarada Day & Night Facial Oil to Glow with Beauty

13) Apply Daily Nourishing Body Oil to Moisturize

may use our Pain Relief Oils on shoulders, back or effected areas

14) Breathe and Smile

15) Experience Renewal, Strength, Clarity and Vibrancy

16) Ready to meet the New Day with Love!



1) Pranam to the Setting Sun & All of Nature

2) Apply one of Sarada's Masques
(Face Wash, Radiant Facial or Clarifiying Masques)

3) Rinse, pat dry

4) Apply Sarada Day & Night Facial Oil or Ambrosia Rejuvenating Serum

5) Enjoy a scalp massage with our Hair Vitality Elixir Oil

6) Brush teeth, use Gum Vitality Elixir Oil

7) Prepare for sleep and give Gratitude for the day

8) Feel Satisfied, Relaxed and a Deeper Sense of Wellbeing

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