Thank you, Peggy & Sarada
May springtime be great flowering inwardly & outwardly to you both & the best business on the planet -the spreading of liquid gold (in my mind).

OM Shanti
From your #1 customer
Dr. Marri Parkinson, PHD. Hawaii

I made my first purchase of your products on the advice of a friend who is studying to become an ayurvedic doctor.  I am thirty, and just stopped taking birth control for the first time since my late teens.  My hormones have been in such flux and with a poor genetic heritage for skin and a job which has moments (well months) of hecticness I was a mess. I was at my wits end, and experiencing one of the worst break outs of my life-my skin on my face hurt to be touched.  Within 48 hours of using your products the redness was gone and I could touch my face.  I am a little more than two weeks in to use of your products and I am overjoyed at the results.  I have a few stragglers but the majority of my face has the best skin I've ever had.


I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the Oil and all your products.  I myself have been using the face washes and not all ayurvedic products are the same- Yours stand out! And work!


After many years of searching for a moisturizer/oil that suits my face, I have never been happier than I am with the Day & Night Oil!  My constitution is Piita/Vata so I have had combination skin over the years. The Day & Night Oil has helped to balance my skin like I have never experienced before! I am truly grateful to have discovered your products.

-Heather, Australia

As you know, I had been praying for a natural product. My son's face is totally cleared up.  We now use the Face Wash and Day & Night Oil each night to help with scarring and redness.  When he does get a pimple or blemish we immediately put the Clarifying Masque on and it takes care of it. This product is a God send to us. My son is face is now blemish and pimple free.


Just a note to thank you for your wonderful products.  My skin is singing!


I am in LOVE with my oils and powders.  I can never live without them.  They enhance my clients life, and I feel their essence so profoundly!  My skin has never looked so good.  I cannot believe my good fortune to have the opportunity to work with such Goddess-like products!  Thank you again.


I purchased Ayurvedic Clarifying Masque when I attended a satsang with Mother Ammachi.  This product is absolutely the answer for my skin.  I've been looking for something for about 3 years.  And even consulted Naturopathic and Homeopathic doctors with no improvement.  Finally, my skin is clearing up after using this product for only 4 days!  Thank you.

-Mrs. Lathrop

I began using your products with the mentality, yeah, right! Another skin product that guarantees results. But to my surprise I actually began to see some results after only one week.  Another thing that I really liked about this product was that the pastes didn't irritate my skin, as had many other acne products that I have tried in the past.

-Sergio, Costa Rica

I decided to write you because I am so greatfull for that magic (stinky) cure you gave me, I can't thank you enough. At first I thought it was like all the other, but you know they never works.  But then I was thinking oh maybe I'll give a shot, you seemed to be pretty reliable.  My friends are also very thankfull.

-Age 13, Israel

Just wanting to thank you for your one of a kind products that REALLY work!  If you ever need quotes for promotion you can call me up-I'm living proof! Thank you also for your kindness and care.


Thank you!  I discovered your products at Kripalu and I got an Ayurvedic facial that kept my face glowing for days!  My skin is been very happy since I started using them.


Yes, I love the oil.  I can see the difference in my skin.  It is quite amazing I must say.  I've used God knows how many products throughout the years and nothing has worked as well!


Over many years I was spending literally thousands of dollars on trying to restore and maintain gum health, until I discovered Sarada's Gum Elixir oil.  Now my gum levels are all '1' instead of 4 or 5, '2' instead of 7 or 8.  I'm going for cleanings only twice a year instead of 4 times and no more need for spot deep-cleanings at five hundred dollars a pop!  I feel happier and more energized with my new oral health!  Thank you Sarada!

- Karen Mattern, TCM

Yet another awesome Sarada product to start loving!

-Joy Herbst