Where Sarada Comes From

Where Sarada Comes From And How It Is Made

Our approach to health is based on Ayurveda, known in India as the "complete knowledge for long life."

Sarada Ayurvedic Remedies is dedicated to offering nature's healing herbs and plants for the healthy benefit of humanity.

mountain Ayurveda provides us with the methods, knowledge and wisdom to create balanced and effective herbal tinctures and Ayurvedic services designed to harmonize, revitalize and energize mind, body and spirit.

Our Herbal oils are made using traditional methods combined with the understanding of modern science.  We use herbs and oils ethically sourced, sustainable and organic.  Our formulas contain effective and nutritious herbs such as Amla, Ashwagandha, Tumeric, Licorice, Neem and Tulsi.  We use organic base and essential oils to bring together a magic combination which offers products that nourish, fortify, revitalize, balance and bring harmony.

Additionally, we observed the benefits of mud-bathing among village women with beautiful skin who bathed near the river banks and ponds, the possibility of enhancing these benefits with the addition of Ayurvedic herbs dawned upon us. We decided on a right combination of different clays for best results and, to this, the most powerful and potent herbal extracts, as recommended by Ayurveda, were added to make the final product effective and long lasting. This endeavor required the study of many Ayurvedic teachers and throughout the entire process we were very much helped by Vaidyas (Ayurvedic doctors) and other knowledgeable persons.


riverHerb Preparation

herbs Herbs which include the roots, leaves, bark and fruits of trees and plants are all gathered by hand from the forest and semi-forest areas just after the rains, the fruits in their season. The herbs are first cleaned by hand and soaked two to three times, each time with fresh herbal extracts. After soaking, they are sun-dried, mixed in the required proportions and machine ground. For some products such as Clarifying Masque and Face Wash, the ingredients are hand pounded individually and sieved to the required mesh before blending. Final mixing of the clays and medicinal herbs is done manually.

indiam Sarada Ayurvedic Remedies Skin Care products are formulated to be Tridoshic, effective and gentle for all constitutions. Whether your skin is oily, dry or normal, you may be assured of Sarada's ability to naturally balance, nourish and self-correct your individual skin needs.