Sinus Clarity Nasya Oil, 1 oz.


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Traditionally used for nasal congestion, sinus pressure, runny nose, sneezing, allergies, hoarseness and improving mental acuity.* Our superior formula is an effective proprietary blend of organic herbs and essential oils.
Not for use by pregnant women.

Instructions: Shake well. Gently tilt head back. Place 3-5 drops into each nostril. Gently breathe in and allow drops to fill entire sinus area. Use 1 time per day for sinus care.
Not for use by pregnant women.

For Sinus Congestion:  You can use a Neti Pot with warm water and salt first if you like...or just do the Nasya Oil.  After Neti, or Nasya Only:

Use the Nasya Oil.  Fill 1/3 dropper full of Nasya Oil. Gently tilt head back, supporting your neck with one hand.  Place half of the 1/3 dropper into one nostril and the other 1/3 half into the other nostril.  Breathe in deeply through the nose.  You can then place the glass dropper back into the bottle and after, tilt your supported head back again.

Continue to breathe in deeply through the nose and spit out the phlegm and liquid into the sink or paper towel.  Continue to breathe in nose and spit out mouth.  You can drink some warm liquid like hot water with lemon or tea, or assist the passages to open more and allow any congestion to be eliminated through the mouth.  Avoid all dairy and wheat.  If you have allergies, you can take Lung Vitality Tonic from

Nutrition:  If you have continued congestion, avoid Wheat and Dairy for one week.  After one week, you can start to incorporate Organic Spelt or Organic Sprouted Wheat and Organic Raw Dairy.   See how it goes and how the body reacts...then adjust accordingly for your own balance.

Ingredients: Organic Sesame Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Brahmi, Organic Calamus, Organic Skullcap, Organic/Wildcrafted Essential Oils. Made in USA

*These Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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