Tips For Teenagers With Pimples

We would like to talk to you about pimples. If you think we donít remember what itís like to have pimples, youíre mistaken. We do. Weíve been there and understand and maybe we can help the situation.

The Problem

Why does it seem that just when you see your face clearing up, another pimple (probably a big one) starts to appear? And why does it have to happen just before that special event or date? You donít need this, but there it is, once again. Now when you look into the mirror, itís as if magically your whole being has disappeared and all you can see are those nasty pimples. You try and remind yourself that it is the inner me thatís important, that all teenagers (except for a few lucky ones) have the same red splotches and bumps, and you know that eventually they will go away, at least temporarily. But knowing all these things still does not solve the problem of the moment. Letís be honest, physical appearance is still the way others tend to see us first, before they have a chance to get to know who we are. And having pimples doesnít do a lot for our confidence and self-image!

Understanding The Problem

Why Is It Happening To Me Again?

A lot of things are going on right now at this stage of your development both physically and emotionally. You spend a lot of your time and energy just getting through the day Ė dealing with school, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, parents, teachers and everything else that is part of your emergence into this world. Physically, your body is undergoing natural changes, producing a hormone that tends to cause the glands at the base of the skinís pores to put out a lot of an oily substance which ends up clogging the pores and results in blemishes. And, on top of all that, some of us are even born with hereditary traits that contribute to problem skin. Now weíve got stress, hormone imbalances, and genetics to deal with. Itís not fair! And itís not your fault! It is normal and it is naturally going to happen. So letís do something about it!

What Is This Ayurveda and What Does It Have To Offer Me?

If you surfed our website, you know that our products are Ayurvedic and come from India. So how does that help you? Only in that they come to you from the people and the land that figured out how to deal with physical and emotional problems that plague all us humans. And, they figured this out over 5,000 years ago. Better yet, they figured a way to use herbs or roots or plants and minerals to take care of just about everything. Itís known as a holistic system.

When you have pimples on your face, there is usually a reason for it inside your body. Inside and outside, your total being is letting you know that something is out of balance, and just to be sure you donít ignore the situation, your body announces it through your skin. In fact, while you are growing, itís natural for things to be a little out of whack. Too much is going on at the same time!

There are Some Things You Can Do To Help Yourself

We are going to make a few suggestions. Some of our recommendations are based in Ayurvedic philosophy, some are hints picked up along the way on how things work. They may seem a little far out, but if they work for you and alleviate your problem, thatís great! If you want to ignore the whole thing or just utilize a few, thatís great too! Itís up to you. Our goal is to heal your skin and if you have the same desire, it might be worth your while to give it a try.

Suggestion #1

Use It!

With all the acne and pimple products out there, it gets pretty confusing and sometimes downright disappointing trying to figure out and find the one product that seems to work and bring results. This is where we come in. Tarika Ayurvedic Pimple Remover does exactly what it says it will do. And if you use it as a routine for about a week to ten days, you will see a big difference. This is probably the most important step Ė to follow through and actually use it! We want you to hand over your problem skin to Tarika Pimple Remover and let it do its thing. Let go of the problem each time you use it.

Suggestion #2


A funny thing happens when you have a big problem. The more you want it to just go away, the bigger it gets. This has to do with focus. Remember the part about looking in the mirror and seeing only the pimples? What if you were to shift your attention to seeing clear skin instead? Or what if you were thinking pimples, pimples, pimples, and all of a sudden you just stop for a moment, be aware that you are thinking about it again, and then just let it leave your mind and go on with your business? Some interesting things may happen for you if you were to give that a try.

The more we focus on something, the more it tends to grow. So, why not focus on clearer skin? You could very nicely, but firmly, tell your pimples to leave, to just go away, you have more important things that you need to put your attention on.

This sounds simple and maybe a little silly. But it is not easy to do. And it takes practice. The more you experience awareness of what you are putting your focus on, the easier it becomes to shift your focus to what would make you feel better. In fact, the little effort that you exert each time you mix Tarika and give yourself a treatment automatically tells your body that you are willing to do something good for it, willing to take the time and attention necessary to solve the problem. By using Tarika, you are naturally changing your focus. You are practicing caring for yourself.

Suggestion #3

Eating Tips!

Okay, so we all know we could improve our daily diet! However, if you can reduce or eliminate your intake of the following, especially during difficult skin times, it may help calm the breakouts:

  • Refrain from eating too much salty, sugary, canned, processed, greasy, fried or hot spicy foods, and chocolate. In other words, lay off the salsa, French fries and pizza!
  • Drink water throughout the day. Carbonated sodas contain a lot of sugar and tend to leave the body still thirsty.

Suggestion #4

General Everyday Reminders

  • Exercise moderately at least three times a week. Getting the blood circulating helps eliminate toxins.
  • Breathe deeply when you feel stressed. If you find you are worrying about something, try this: Put your palms up and breathe in and out ten times. This is a yoga exercise that you can use to calm down when you feel anxious. You can do it anywhere and no one will notice.
  • Do your best to keep your hands off of your face! We all have a tendency to try and get rid of the pimple by squeezing it Ė make it go away quickly. Unfortunately, this does not work. As you probably have noticed in the past, it only makes it more swollen and red and it ends up taking longer to heal. Allow your skin to heal at its own pace. Patience will help eliminate scars.
  • Always clean your face in the morning and before bedtime. Make it a habit no matter how tired or rushed you are to start and end the day with a clean face. Those few minutes you spend removing the dirt and make-up will pay off big time!
  • If you work at a fast food restaurant or practice sports, you are exposed to a lot of oil, grease and excess sweating. Use Pimple Remover or Face Wash as soon as you get home to remove all the grime and take care of the problem before it begins!

Finally, The End!

We know you have the necessary patience and perseverance to follow through if you took the time to read this. And we appreciate that! We are always interested in your comments or questions. You may e-mail us and we will respond.

Good Luck!